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Take Action
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You can help end prostitution and sex trafficking

Write to your MP

Right now, prostitution and sex trafficking are taking place on an industrial scale in England and Wales.

That's because our laws fail to deter demand from sex buyers and allow ruthless companies to facilitate and profit from this abuse.

But there is a way to stop this. 

Write to your MP and ask them to pledge to end sex trafficking and prostitution by adopting demand reduction legislation.

Take a motion to your trade union or political party branch

Too many trade unions and political parties have positions which do not protect women exploited through prostitution and sex trafficking. 

If you are a member of a union or party, we can support you to take a motion to your local branch to show the leadership that this is an issue they should address. 

This draft motion is a great starting point, but we are happy to provide more support if you need it. Please email us at

Upcoming Events

Join us for the campaign launch event to hear from survivors and campaigners about how we can change the law in England and Wales.


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