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It's time to end sex trafficking and prostitution in England and Wales.

About the Campaign

Not for Sale is an initiative of UK Feminista and CEASE. It is the grassroots campaign to end sex trafficking and prostitution. It is an alliance of people committed to ending all forms of violence against women and girls. 

We want the new government to commit to implementing progressive legislative change to protect vulnerable women in the sex trade and punish those who exploit them. 

We're calling on all political parties to combat demand from sex buyers, hold pimps and other exploiters to account, and support - rather than sanction- victims of sexual exploitation.

The Truth about Sex Trafficking and Prostitution

Paying for sex is sexual exploitation and abuse

Reducing trafficking requires reducing demand

Victims should be supported, not sanctioned

Common Myths

We've put together a briefing document to help you dispel common myths about sexual exploitation and how to end it.

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